"I’ve always been captivated by the interactivity of kinetic forms as a combination of both a physical and a visual experience. Through an arrangement of raw mechanical wheels, I deal with fundamental concepts of the world by exploring the exchange of the internal and external and creating visualizations of different rhythms and patterns to evoke the cyclical systems that support energy and life. As I work with the sculptures, I create a specific dialogue that lets me, the disorganized haphazard artist, meet the precise needs of the contraptions. Through the pursuit of a particular motion, I discover a great variety, as well as repetition, of forms and shapes, which evolve and refine themselves to fit the action. Although process is meticulous and delicate, the sculptures are simple in form and function, which I hope will evoke various core elements in the world such as DNA, atoms, waves, and other things that are the building blocks of the physical universe. When people view and activate my sculptures, I would like them to feel a kind of childlike awe and wonderment while being reminded that we are part of an infinite chain of systems within systems."



Senior Statement, April 2012
Alabama School of Fine Arts